Alex Chisholm

We have the latest version (2.0) of Eyewear theme installed on and when you get to the Checkout page, then you receive a Javascript console error which appears to be preventing some of our users from checking out (since Javascript errors can be fatal to other processing).

When we disable the Eyewear theme, then the Javascript issue is no longer present.

Specifically, the Javascript error message is “Cannot read property ‘replace’ of undefined” which is referring to a line of code regarding the Javascript variable used by WooCommerce: wc_country_select_params.countries.

I can see that the wc_country_select_params variable is not being properly set in the Javascript.

It appears that Eyewear is affecting this Javascript variable as well as several other Javascript variables that are used by WooCommerce.

Go ahead and look at the HTML source of our checkout page and you’ll see that wc_country_select_params and other similar variables all have a weird set of values pertaining to the add to cart functionality instead.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hi Alex,

Currently, Eyewear theme is not compatible with WooCommerce latest version. You have to use WooCommerce 3.2 version.

Thank You