Kaiser Mahmud

Hello Anton Zherdev,

Please contact the plugin developer, They should provide theme compatibility.

Thank you

Anton Zherdev

You have this code in your woocommerce.php which does not allow to have the infinite scroll on the page:

‘enable_infinite_scroll’ => pharos_option( ‘enable_shop_infinite_scroll’ ) && ( is_shop() || is_product_category() || is_product_tag() ),

So it’s not their problem.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hi Anton Zherdev,

We are not responsible for any kind of third party plugin which we are not provided with the theme.

Thank you




Anton Zherdev

Hi Kaiser,

That’s a bad response. I will have to leave a bad feedback about the theme. Sorry.

You are not fixing any bugs which seem to be non-critical to you and try to convince that it’s not a bug or at least not your problem. It takes too long to fix critical bugs as well.

I bought this theme because of the infinite scrolling and product variations switches in the list but both features are not working well.

It’s your bad because you are assigning the infinite scrolling incorrectly based on ul.products css class. This adds the infinite scrolling to any product lists. Instead of limiting it on something like main > ul.products you are limiting on a taxonomy basis which makes it impossible to make it work for plugins introducing additional taxonomies.

Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi there,

We’ve checked your website. It’s your 3rd party Brand plugins is conflicting with our theme. Unfortunately, Envato support packages don’t include support for 3rd party plugins. You have to contact the plugin author for this. There are thousands of plugin out there for WordPress, theme authors can’t support all of them all together.

Here is a article that outlines the services that are offered within the scope of our support; What is covered in Envato Support. am able to assist you with the aspects mentioned in the doc.

We have a test drive option available before purchase, it allows customers to check ins and out of our theme before taking final decision. Every developer has his own coding style, you can’t complain that someone writes code in the wrong way. We’ve try to follow the best practices of WordPress, it conflicts with your 3rd party codes or plugin, we can’t take responsibility of it.

But we do offer support if you find errors installing or setup this theme.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Thank You

Anton Zherdev

You are not reading what I’m writing there. It’s not a problem of the plugin or compatibility. It’s a problem with the way how the theme is developed. You are just making it impossible to make such plugin work with your theme.

You just do not care about quality and customer support. You are just trying to present all bugs as features or not a problem.

Just change this
‘enable_infinite_scroll’ => pharos_option( ‘enable_shop_infinite_scroll’ ) && ( is_shop() || is_product_category() || is_product_tag()


‘enable_infinite_scroll’ => pharos_option( ‘enable_shop_infinite_scroll’ )

$(‘main > ul.products’).InfiniteScroll

and it will work.

But if I buy a theme, it’s not my work to fix bugs there.

If you had really checked the website, you could’ve seen that it’s working now.

Ahmed Ehsaan

HI Anton,

We have no personal conflict with the plugin author. How do you claim we have intentionally develop to disallow plugin to work? Every author has their own way to develop a theme. We’ve been in the Industry more than 8 years.

We try to develop our theme to thinking the vast scenario. We try to keep our theme lightweight. If we start adding 3rd party codes in our theme on demand of each users, can you imagine how much unnecessary codes would be added?

The code you are requesting to add, it would not be necessary for others. Hopefully, you have understood.

Thank You

Anton Zherdev

I’m not asking you to do anything. I’m giving you a fix for the problem. If you do not care, you do not need to do anything. There is no code added by the way, but rather removed. And there is no dependency on the plugin. You are either not reading what I’m saying or do not understand development completely.

WordPress is a complex system where plugins and themes are dependants on each other in an indirect way. All devs should apply best practice and care to make it work together. Unfortunately,  most developers do not care and you are no exception.