Anton Zherdev

When I press search it opens the popup with the search field but the focus is not there.

Ideally, I would prefer to have the search field directly in the header of the website but I do not see such an option.

However, if it’s not possible, at least the popup field should be in focus. It’s not working in Chrome.

You can see it at


Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Anton Zherdev,

Unfortunately, there are no built-in settings and or simple custom hotfix to do that. The theme is sold as it is.

Here is a video that outlines the services that are offered within the scope of our support, What is covered in Envato Support. I am able to assist you with the aspects mentioned in the

You have to hire a developer for this.

But we do offer support if you find errors installing or setup this theme.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Anton Zherdev

I understand that you cannot add the search field in the header for me but when I press on the search everybody would expect the focus to be in the search field. It’s a defect and an easy fix. This aspect is mentioned in the support policy document.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hello Anton Zherdev,

We will try to fix this issue with our next update.

Thank you