Kaiser Mahmud

Hello hairudin karim,

Did you download the item?


Thank you

hairudin karim

hi kaiser

yesi have download.. but when i look at single product page. its really doesn’t suit my need. all was arrange in single column.

its not nice. plus single product pictures display is so big. even thumbnail picture also, if you as a visitor in my website. looking at very large pic sure doesn’t not please.  if you can help me to make rearrangement of a button and product description for single product page, then refund will be not my consent

here what i expect for single product page

 column(2/3 & 1/3)
left side : product pictures/display picture,
right side: product title, price, add to card item, share button,
Please enable visual composer in “product description”
 the rest are good enough.

i hope we can help each other.


Kaiser Mahmud

Hi hairudin karim,

At first Please read the Envato refund policy carefully https://themeforest.net/page/customer_refund_policy#not-refundable

Unfortunately, there are no built-in settings and or simple custom hotfix to do that. The theme is sold as it is. But we do offer support if you find errors installing or setup this theme.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


hairudin karim

hi kaiser,

at first, please check below image. did you deny your own policy? please guy..




Ahmed Ehsaan

Salam karim,

The refund policy that you are taking about is only applicable when you purchase theme from ThemeHIppo.com, not from Themeforest. When you purchase theme from Themeforest, you have to follow Themeforest license and refund terms.


Thank you