jiung Kim


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Upper link is my ticket a year ago.

We have a same problem in this time.


we createed new product.

and thumbnail is small in explore.

so we checked bellow it

woocemmerce > setting > products > display >  product images.

it is correct. image setting is normal.

so we regenerate thumbnails.

and…….. all thumbnail is small in explore….

this case occur in variable product.

please help me.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hello  jiung Kim,

Did you update the latest version?



jiung Kim

Hi Mahmud.

I updated it as your reply.

And product page changed blank page.

I want practical answer to you.

My client is not understand about this.

What is check point? If do not fix it, answer me how to do.



Ahmed Ehsaan

Hi Jiung,

I’ve checked your site. Your site is powering on lower than recommended version of PHP and MySQL. and our latest update was for WooCommerce latest 3.0.x version. Your currently using WooCommerce 2.x version. Check here; https://www.useloom.com/share/76fce08fbba04d288e33e7027a090d77

Thank you