Juan Govea


I bought a few days ago this theme, and I having problems since day one. First was almost impossible to import Demo data, and later when I finally could use “some” demo pages (without media files), I figured out that my homepage is insanely slow. And also when I uploaded my logo is like it have some distort if I try to open my website on a mobile or if I reduce the window’s size.

Hope you can help me.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hello Juan

Could you please provide your right site access with username and password for review this issue?


Thank you

Juan Govea

I already updated the current access to http://www.coyalpaca.com/wp-admin.

I reset all the web and I have the same problem. Actually now I figured out that the products pages only load when I am logged in, but if I enter without login I can’t load product pages. This frustrating, please if this doesn’t have a solution I need a refund because I have to try with a new theme that works fine.

Kaiser Mahmud

Hello Juan Govea,

It’s working on my end



Juan Govea

I don’t have the same loading and I include the logo problem.

It’s like some page load correctly in the first time but later there is some problem and I can’t load correctly any other page.

I’m trying again and just that only product works correctly.

Juan Govea


I’ve tried again and I have the same problem. The same thing with the logo and the same thing with products didn’t load correctly… and is a fresh new WordPress installation.

Now I have to use a new theme and restart all the work for this client. Please, I need a refund. I was very excited to use this theme but it just take me problems and a lot of wasted time.