I am facing some more issues before i make the website go live.

1. The logo is too big on Mobile Devices. This is seen on all pages of the website when accessed through a mobile phone. I have tested this on Samsung galaxy S5 and S7 edge.
Could you please help me limit it to a more proportional size?

2. Again on mobile devices, except for the home page, title background doesnt load up for any of the other pages. How do we fix this?

3. You may ask me for access to the website. What kind of access would you be looking for? Please point me to links on how configure such an access. Are you looking for admin username and password?

Website: http://bellacasesbyafs.artifactorystudios.com/


Can i add you on skype and have a one to one chat about this?
There are a few more issues.

4. Is it possible to provide a gap between the header menu and revolution slider on the home page?

5. On mobile device, the primary menu button is white in color, how do i change it? Because the white color is barely visible on mobile sites.

Update to point 4 –
Alternatively, can i increase the background opacity of the primary menu bar?

Kaiser Mahmud

Provide me your admin access, will try to cover your all issues.

Though some of the custom requirement which doesn’t include in our support package. Here is a video that outlines the services that are offered within the scope of our support; What is covered in Envato Support. I am able to assist you with the aspects mentioned in the video.