Pharos is highly customizable, sales focused and purely simple WooCommerce theme for WordPress online shop. The design of this awesome theme is highly aesthetic and optimized for boosting conversion rate. It means investing one time in Pharos, you can not only get access to purely crafted responsive and mobile friendly eCommerce website, but also get help to helps to climb on the mountain of online entrepreneurial success.

Theme Installation & Activation Back To Top

The theme installation and activation process have been divided into two different ways.+

Adding New Themes using the Administration Panels

Installing Pharos WooCommerce WordPress Theme is the same as enabling other WordPress themes. Just download file from and upload it on your site .

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme
  • Select using Choose File button, click Open and press Install Now.

Install Demo Contents & Widgets Back To Top

Themehippo provides exclusive Setup Wizard to install all available theme widgets, plugins and demo contents with its default settings. The setup tool instantly turns default your WordPress blog into the Pharos WooCommerce theme demo. Check the theme demo from here:

To run the setup wizard, you have to install Pharos theme first. After activating the theme successfully, you get an option to run Pharos Setup Wizard under the Appearance menu. Check the following image for quick instruction.

The last click will launch a window to let you start the setup process. If you want to proceed to turn your WordPress into the demo of Pharos, click Let’s go button.

In this step, the wizard would install all the required plugins comes with Pharos theme. To Install all of them select Continue button. It might take near about 1 minute. Installation time would very depending on your internet speed.

Now you will get options to import demo content, menu options, widget settings, theme options and configure reading settings. If you want to install all the priorly defined settings and content altogether, hit Continue button or uncheck unwanted data and then proceed.

Though you can change the logo image from Appearance → Customize → Site Identity → Logo, here from this setting, you can define your brand logo before site comes live.

Here in this step, the Setup Wizard is going to install Theme Options. When it's done, press Continue button.


Your site is ready. Just read the theme license and agreement and select Agree and Continue button.

Visit your site and follow us on twitter. Save the documentation and support link. Enjoy the site.

Demo Like Installation with Quickstart Pack Back To Top

Themehippo developers offer another powerful tool to quickly setup your website like the official demo of Pharos Theme. Before following the step below open a support ticket to request your first.

Open a Support Ticket

After downloading the theme, place and unzip file in your server root. Suppose, you have a domain Log into the domain through the URL. If you’ve successfully placed the theme files in your website root, the following screen comes up. Select your desired language and press Continue.

As we configured everything, you don’t need to open wp-config-sample.php and add your Database name, username, password and host manually. We’ll allow you to place these information form with an input form. Skip this step and Click Let’s go.

Now create a Database and fill the Database Name, Username, Password, and Host with the information. When you’ve done, select Submit button.

If you see the following message, It means you’ve successfully provided the server information. It’s ready to establish a connection between your WordPress site and database. So, simply hit Run the Install button.

The success page indicates that your website is ready to go live. From this screen either you can head to the site frontend or backend.


Site Identity Settings Back To Top

Site Identity settings is one of the important part of the theme. To allow you quickly go live, Pharos comes with Site Identity option Customize >> Site Identity.

  • Logo: Logo setting allows to add Site Logo
  • Site Title: It allows to input site name.
  • Tagline: With tagline setting, you can describe your site identity shortly.
  • Site Icon: Site icon can be termed as favicon. Which is used as browser and app icon for your site. Make sure the icon image must be square and at least 512 pixel wide and tail.

Header Background Image Back To Top

Pharos empowers over the flexibility. To boots your site awesomeness, it allows to add background in the site header. Check the following image for the quick preview.

To add the and change the the background image Navigate to Customize >> Header Background Image and Change the Current Header image.

Body Background Image Back To Top

Pharos ships with another creative feature that maximizes your site professionalism and artistry. It allows you to add background in your site container. You can set the image to appear in the screen with scroll and fixed on demand with background repeating functionality. Check the following screenshort for quick preivew.

To add or change the background image, navigate to Customize >> Body Background Image and add or change your desired image selecting your desired one.

Image Position

Image position plays a key role for place background image in your desired location to your site. Manipulating the image position you can place the image anywhere in your site.Image Size

Image Size

Image size option comes with three option Original, Fit to the Screen and Fill to the Screen and you can select any of the option for your body background image.

Repeat Background Image and Scroll with Page

As the section denotes with the repeat background field, Repeat Background Image decided whether your site background image would repeat or not. Scroll with page adds functionality to fixed and scroll background image with scrolling.

General Options Back To Top

The general option is a general powerhouse of a set of essential feature in Pharos. This page allows to enable disable many of feature with a click. Navigate to Customize >> General Option.

  • Single Paging Style: From the Single Paging Style setting, you can choose pagination style for post and pages. Either you can set Number Style or Next, Previous Style form here.
  • Enable back To Top: From the Enable back to top setting you can enable and disable back to top button.
  • Show Search Modal: You can control visibility of search over in Modal or in a dedicated page.
  • Search Post Type: Search post type let you decide where you would enabled product or post search on the header.
  • Enable Page Title: From the page title setting you can show and hide page title with ease.
  • Stick Menu: Sticky menu allows to enable or disable floating/sticky header throughout the site.
  • Header Style: To many header styles mean you would get extra flexibility over choosing your site header. Pharos comes with 6 predefined header layouts your quick head start.

Color Options Back To Top

The color options are consided one of the powerful feature of ThemeHippo themes. Without let you touch the css codebasee, you can change your entire site color style easily from this color options area.

Header Options

Header option all you to select and customize Site Title color, Stie Tagline Color, Header Background Color, and Body Background Color.

Color Preset Options

Pharos comes packed with 3 predefined color presets. You can switch between all three color presets of theme from here with ease and customize it manipulating Body Font Color, Heading Font Color, Theme Color, Theme Hover Color, Menu Color, and Menu Hover Color,

Mobile Menu Position Back To Top

Themehippo mobile menu system comes with offcanvas menu style. It allows you to select right or left menu offcanvas menu position with applying two different Menu Effect.

Blog Options Back To Top

Blog option come combined with blog related settings. Here are the options.

Blog Listing Page

Blog listing page is place where blog listing settings are stored.

  • Blog Page Style: Blog paging style allows to decided whether Pagination and Navigation would be enabled on the site.
  • Blog Sidebar Position: Pharos offers 3 unique layouts for blog listing page. You can select Full-width layout, Left Column Layout and Right Column Layout.
  • Single Post options: From single post option, you can select full-width, left column and right column post page. On top of that, it let you decide to enable and disable option for post sharing link.

Paging Options Back To Top

Page options has been kept simple. Just allows you to select full-width, left sidebar and right sidebar page for your site.

Typography Options Back To Top

After the color presets options, we at ThemeHippo highly takes cares of Typography settings. As typography defines the site professionalism and smartness. We have loaded Google Fonts in the typography setting which allow you to exclusively select font-family, font style, font subset, and font size for Body, Logo, Header.

WooCommerce options Back To Top

Pharos has exclusively created to support WooCommerce. So, it natural that it comes with an enhanced settings for WooCommerce.

Shop Options

Shop options define the setting for the shop page only. From here you can control all shop page related option with ease.
Show Shop Add To Cart: It allow you enable and disable add to cart button for shop items.

Shop Sidebar Postion: From shop sidebar position, you can select full-width, left sidebar and right sidebar column for your site.

Product Per Page: How many products would be displayed in the shop page, shop archive page and search page in the single pagination, can be spacified from here.

Enable Infinite Scroll: Infinite Scrolling is another key feature of Pharos. From this setting, you can disable pagination and enable infinite scrolling.

Product Columns: Pharos offers 4 layout variations to display products in columns. You can switch between two columns, 3 columns, 4 columns and 6 columns layouts.

Show Mini Cart: With Show Mini Cart setting, you can display and hide the cart from the site header.

Mini Cart Title: It offers settings to add custom title for Mini Cart Popup Title.

Currency Switcher: FasionStores also offers currency switcher functionality which can be disabled and enabled from site header suing currency Switcher setting.

Currency Switcher Widget: The subesquent setting after Currency Switcher is option to select currency switcher widget for your site.

Single Product Options

Inside this setting, you can set product widget sidebar position to left sidebar, right sidebar or bottom of the item content. Furthermore, You can limit related product by number and control visibility of product button in the product page.