Industrix is html5, css3 powered responsive multipurpose corporate WordPress theme which will be a great solution for your industry, corporate, business and portfolio sites. The most important issue for this template is its usability and corporate pattern. There we made mega menu widget features menu which really a great option to developer.

Installation Back To Top

Adding New Themes using the Administration Panels

Installing Industrix Theme is the same as enabling other WordPress themes. Just download and upload it on your site .

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard
  • Navigate to >> Appearance >> Themes >> Add New >> Upload Theme
  • Select using Choose File button, click Open and press Install Now.

Demo Like Installation with Quickstart Pack Back To Top

Themehippo developer ship another powerful tool to quickly setup your website like the official demo of Industrix Theme. Before following the step below open a support ticket to request your first.

Open a Support Ticket

The process is the same as you install fresh WordPress in your server. Before following the step below download first.

After downloading the theme, place and unzip file in your server root. Suppose, you have a domain Log into the domain through the URL. If you’ve successfully placed the theme files in your website root, the following screen comes up. Select your desired language and press Continue.


As we configured everything, you don’t need to open wp-config-sample.php and add your Database name, username, password and host manually. We’ll allow you to place these information form with an input form. Skip this step and Click Let’s go.

let go installation wp

Now create a Database and fill the Database Name, Username, Password, Host with the information. When you’ve done, select Submit button.


If you see the following message, It means you’ve successfully provided the server information. It’s ready to establish a connection between your WordPress site and database. So, simply hit Run the Install button.
run the install

In this turn, you have to provide your site and admin login information. Don't forget to add a strong password and unguessable username except admin. When done, select WordPress Install button.


The success page indicates that your website is ready to go live. From this screen either you can head to the site frontend or backend.
frontend or backend

Layout Type Back To Top

Industrix comes with an intuitive shadow to make its appearance unique. If you head to the theme frontend, you will notice a CSS3 shadow has been implemented on the right side of this theme. Have a look at the image below.


If you don't want to keep the box-shadow your site, with Layout Type you can switch between shadow and shadowless version of this theme.

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Industrix Options >> Layout Type

For further instruction, follow the screenshot below.


Note: After selecting your desired Layout Type, press Save Changes.

Typography Settings Back To Top

Industrix provides the support Unlimited Google Fonts. From the Typography page you can control Body and Heading typography. To access the Typography page, follow the instruction below.

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Industrix Options >> Typography

For further instruction, have a look on the screenshot below.


Note: Selecting your desired font and font styles, press Saves Changes to save new Typography settings for your site.

Page Settings Back To Top

Industrix offers three layouts: full-width layout, and page with left sidebar as well as right sidebar layout. Page settings allow to globally switch among the layouts in a couple of clicks. Access the Page Settings page from the following instruction.

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Industrix Options >>Page Settings

For further instruction, have a look on the screenshot below.

Note: Selecting your desired page layout, press Saves Changes to save new page settings for your site.

WPML For Multilingual Sites Back To Top

We have provided official support of WPML with Industrix Theme. Head to the WPML website and buy your preferred subscription. Afterward, download and install the following plugins.

  • WPML Multilingual CMS
  • WPML String Translation
  • WPML Translation Management

When you successfully install the plugins, you get a WPML setup wizard. It guide to configure your multilingual site properly.

Note: We have coded the theme only for WPML languages. But not provided multi-language plugin support. This is why other language switcher are not styled.

For reference: the widget and theme options can only be translated using the String Translation.

Mobile Menu Settings Back To Top

Industrix offers offcanvas menu for small screens and mobile devices. From Mobile Menu Settings, you change menu position from right or left. Furthermore, you can provide menu and switch between Slide in on Top and Reveal menu animation from Mobile Menu Effect. To access the Offcanvas Settings page, follow the instruction below.

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Industrix Options >> Offcanvas Settings


Note: Selecting your desired menu position and animation effect, press Saves Changes to save new mobile menu settings for your site.

Install Demo Contents & Widgets Back To Top

Themehippo provides exclusive Setup Wizard to install all available theme widgets and demo contents with its default settings. The setup tool instantly turns default your WordPress blog into the Industrix WordPress theme demo. Check the theme demo from here.

To run the setup you have to install Industrix theme first. After activating the theme successfully, you get an option to run Industrix Setup Wizard on the Appearance >> Themes page. Have a look on the image below.


If you don’t find the option there or want to rerun Setup Wizard, click Industrix Setup Widget from the Appearance setting.


The last click will launch a window to let you start the setup process. If you want to proceed to turn your WordPress into the demo of Industrix, click Let’s go.


In this step, the wizard install all the required plugin of Industrix. To Install all of them select Continue button. It might take near about 1 minute. Installation time fluctuates depending on your internet speed.


Now you will get options to add demo content, menu options, widget settings, theme options and configure reading settings. If you want to install all the priorly defined settings and content altogether, hit Continue button or uncheck unwanted data and then proceed.


Though you can change the logo image from AppearanceCustomizeSite IdentityLogo, here from this setting, you can define your brand logo before site comes live.



Here in this step, the Setup Wizard is going to install Theme Options. Keep the backup of Mailchimp code to create MailChimp form. When done press Continue.


Now every configuration is ready. Just read the theme license and agreement and select Agree and Continue



Color Preset Setting Back To Top

Preset Setting allows you control the entire color settings. Before adding a new change in color setting, make sure you have enabled LESS Compiler first.

Preset Setting allows you control the entire color settings with an enriched graphical interface. From the preset setting page you can change Theme Presets, Theme Color,  Body Background Color, Content Color, Header Color, Link Color, and Hover Color. Access the Preset Setting page from the following instruction.

  • Login To the WordPress Dashboard.
  • Navigate to Industrix Options >> Preset Settings

For further instruction, follow the screenshot below.


Note: After making changes in preset settings, disable LESS Compiler.

Using Child Theme Back To Top

Child themes allow you to make changes without affecting the original theme’s code, It makes easy to update your parent theme without erasing your custom and personalized changes.

  • Download Industrix Child theme.
  • Install it like main theme ( industrix )
  • Overwrite Your Theme's CSS on style.css file
  • To change main theme functionality, edit functions.php file