Guide To Choose Best WordPress Woocommerce Hosting For Your Money-Making eCommerce Store – 2016

Are you here to find the best WooCommerce hosting for your online shop?

Let me provide you all essential ins and outs that you should know before blindly selecting a mediocre or unfit hosting for your website.

I’ve been in the industry about half of the decade and worked in a couple of industry renowned WordPress WooCommerce Theme Club like ThemeHippo. Consequently, I get a chance to deal with many of eStore owners and discuss their obstacles.

Unfortunately, I found they face the same hurdle at the beginning. Either they spend money unnecessarily for costly hosting or select such a hosting plan that never suit with the traffic level of their shop website. So, I decided to make up my mind and sat to write down a blog for those who struggles to choose the best hosting for woocommerce store.

Do you know why shop owners get puzzled while purchasing best hosting plan?

Throughout my career, I found maximum WooCommerce shop owners are non-techy. When you are non-tech shop owners, it would be challenging to end up with perfect, secure and fast WooCommerce hosting on your own. So, before heading to select or paying for enchanting hosting offers, do some market research. If it’s possible, make discussion with industry expert as well.

Furthermore, choosing a web hosting is not an easy job. I found many of advanced webmasters fail to take a right decision for their clients.

wrong decsion

So, when you don’t have proper knowledge which things to consider before selecting woocommerce web hosting, you many endanger your site reputation and your revenue as well. Even I have noticed a wrong selection of hosting company, may imbalance your daily life.

Suppose, you have WooCommerce store where you sell products and get payment online daily. Unfortunately, your website goes offline because of massive traffic in Christmas and Halloween sales or public sales occasion. What would happen in this situation? I believe, you might lose unexpected revenue and your business reputation, right?


If you want to be safe from such kind of unexpected incidents, get through the following checklists before picking wooCommerce hosting randomly.

Finding best-suited hosting doesn’t only require a perfect technical understanding of server stuff, you need to consider various nontechnical aspects as well. For your convenience, I’ve listed off some of the must-consider checklists. I believe, it helps you a lot and gives you constant company while taking a right decision. Let’s dive in.

Checklist of Selecting Best WooCommerce Hosting Server

Either you’re going to purchase your hosting for your store website on your own or hire someone to pick you the best hosting for your WooCommerce WordPress website, without knowing the following aspects perfect, it would be difficult to take proper decision. Let’s get into the details.

How Many Visitors Visit Your Website Per Month?

If you are going to select WooCommerce hosting for first time, defining monthly visitors level could be daunting. Site visitors vary from sites to sites. Even, traffic level highly depends how many keywords are ranked in the search engine. If your website is new, but have established social media userbase. You can create an estimation based on the user engagement of your entire social media channels.

On top of that, you can’t figure out monthly user estimation, Make a rough calculation. lke 10,000 monthly visitors for the small store, 25,000 visits monthly for the medium store, and 100,000 visits monthly for high traffic store site.

How Much Storage Your Site Require?

Server storage is the same as your computer hard drive. When have a proper estimation of your site contents, you can perfectly understand your website storage need. It means the more media-rich contents like images, audio video you will upload for your eCommerce store, the more storage you need to purchase with your hosting plan. If your site content exceeds server storage limit, you sever may crash unexpectedly.


If Your Website Goes Down For a While, How Much Money Do You Lose?

Make a money making WooCommerce website alive is essential in any cost. When a site goes offline, it not only stops visitors to view your site, but keeps them away from purchasing your products. So, have you ever calculated how much it costs you when your site server stop working?

A research of KISSMETRICS shows “If an e-commerce site is making $100,000 per day, a 1-second downtime could potentially cost you $2.5 million in lost sales every year.” Now define how much money your site is making every day and how much it costs of your total revenue when your site is not available for your customers.

How Much Speed Does Your Site Require?

I found many of webmaster and eCommerce shop owners, prioritized and spend a lot of time finding fast loading WooCommerce WordPress themes for their shop site. But they seldom spend time for finding fast WooCommerce hosting server. If you’re server response late to your end users, you can’t reduce loading speed optimizing your theme only.

When you have fast loading WordPress theme for your website, you must go for best WooCommerce hosting server that assures high performance. Otherwise, you’ll lose customers and revenue as well. Don’t believe?

A research found by Akamai and, “nearly half of customer expect an eCommerce website to load within 2 second or less. Otherwise, they tend to abandon a site that isn’t loaded with 3 seconds.”

How Much To Pay For a WooCommerce Host Service?

Budget is another one of the most important checklists should be considered before purchasing new WooCommerce hosting plan. There are plenty of WooCommerce hosting providers in the market. Every site owners provide unique pricing model for their service. You have to select the eCommerce hosting that gets fitted your budget perfectly.

How Many Store Website You Have?

A website may have multiple domains based on various location. If you want to manage all the location wise website separately, it may increase your cost extensively. So, check the pricing perfectly for your multiple websites.

Select Operating Systems

When it comes to performance, high security and speed, Operating system play an important role. If you ask me which operating system I choose from Linux and Windows, I’ll go for Linux, it’s more secure, lightweight, and can be optimized and configured based personalized needs.

Bandwidth Consideration

Bandwidth is an essential and highly prioritizing factor to consider before selecting hosting. If you are accustomed to scanning things throughout the internet, I can bet, you might have seen the following screen at least once.

Do you know about the above screenshot and what it’s trying to notify? It’s the default notice when a website burnt the monthly or allocated bandwidth limited, hosting company pushes the website down and shows the message.

If you don’t know how to calculate bandwidth, let’s create a calculation.


Bandwidth is the actual amount of website data that is transferred through the website at a time. We can easily calculate your website bandwidth using a simple formula. The formula uses the number of pages of your website, the exact size of your entire website, and the number of visitors you expect to visit your site daily. So, if you can figure out the given data correctly, the simple multiplication can tell you how much bandwidth you need to run your website smoothly.

For example, your website has 5 pages. Each page is decorated with text, graphics, images, etc. you page size comes to around 70KB. On an average 100 visitors comes to your website in a day and they may take a look at the all five pages. So, the daily requirement of your site bandwidth is:

70KB X 100 visitors X 5 pages= 35000 KB

If you are heading to estimate required bandwidth for 30 days. So, as per the above specification, multiply 35000KB with 30 days. It comes up 10,50,000KB which can be converted into GB as 1.05GB/month.

Server Location

If you are reading this article, it means, the whole content is physically hosted somewhere. It’s machine sharing it with everyone else.

So, when it comes to creating a website, you have to host your file on a physical server as well. As an increase in loading speed becomes the reason of money and revenue loss, saving every millisecond is important here.

if your targeted users are from America, it’s better to host your site files in such a server that is located in America. It won’t be a prudent decision to host your files on the server in Japan where your targeted users are from America.

Suppose, you’ve hosted files in a server of Japan which has maximum users from America. A user requested for files from Asia and other requested from America who would quickly access to the same requested page. Obviously, It’s Asian users win the race.


Interface Control Panels

Control panel interface is important when you are operating your server on your own. It allows making changes in server quickly. Furthermore, you can easily change passwords for your hosting accounts, and add, delete as well as transfer file easily. If you’re not accustomed to terminal interface, you should go for CPanel based server.

Types WooCommerce Hosting Plans

I bet, if you’ve read the above checklist carefully, you can perfectly define your WooCommerce hosting needs. As WordPress is powering about 74.6 Million of websites and WooCommerce 30% of online stores around the World, most of the best WordPress hosting providers tight compatibility with the WooCommerce toolkit.

Though a couple of years ago, choosing hosting provider was subject to having a budget, the growing popularity of online stores, web hosting business gained popularity. Consequently, various type of hosting provider comes with hosting plans in the market.

For you convenience, I’ve listed down the hosting plans and service. Let’s get familiar with them.

WooCommerce Shared Hosting

If you’re new in WooCommerce business, just want to test how the business performs according to your plan. WooCommerce shared hosting would be significant for you.

WooCommerce shared hostings are most common and cheapest. It can be found at a price as low as $1.99 per month. Such hosting will be the best solution if you have low traffic. With the growing amount of traffic level, it’s response time will start to fall. Curious know the scenarios behind the WooCommerce shared hosting, right?

When you use WooCommerce shared hosting, your website is placed with hundred of other websites. It means you will get a slice of a server with a certain limit.


Haven’t understood the concept yet?Let me explain it a bit.

When hundreds of people share the same server, it quite natural the amount of hosting fees would be minimal. So, what happens when you use WordPress shared hosting for your estore. It’s your hosting provider rents a computer that costs $400(say) to maintain every month.

When they charge only $1.99 per user, they require a minimum of 200 hosting customers to cover up the total monthly cost. So, when you are among shared hosting crowd, it’s natural your site response time will deteriorate as the traffic grows.

WooCommerce Managed Hostings

WooCommerce Managed Hostings are the best nontech-savvy shop owners. When you subscribe to such hosting plan, the hosting company will take care of entire technical sides for you. WordPress WooCommerce managed hostings has designed to lift heavy server load in mind. If you want to concentrate on your online store business, leaving all hosting hassle apart, WooCommerce managed hosting server would be your go-to solution.

As I’ve to provide support to ThemeHippo clients, I get regular opportunity to get into client server to upload custom fixes or set up store like our WooCommerce WordPress theme demo. I found most of the customers use managed hosting service to run their store. As I intended above most of the experience webmasters, face trouble to server perfect. Ultimate it cost them money and low performing website.

To being away from server managing tension, they go for managed WooCommerce hosting. So, managed hosting provider company regularly caches website, fix security flaws if any, run malware scans, run daily back, update WordPress plugins and they can quickly restore entire website if your site hacks or server crashes anyway.

Furthermore, you get the guarantee of zero downtime and round the clock top notch customer support. As the WooCommerce managed hosting saves valuable time, they charge a bit more extra comparing shared hosting. The cost ranges from $3 to $30 per month for different level of traffic.

Virtual Private Server (VPS WooCommerce Hosting)

If you want to taste of dedicated WooCommerce hosting, you can give a try Virtual WooCommerce hosting server. It’s best for small, medium and large WooCommerce store. WooCommerce virtual hosting server is the best for those online shop owners who have the perfect understanding of Unix based OSes. As Linux being popular, currently, you will find many of VPS server providers who offers packages start from $5 per month.

Sounds crazy, right?

This type of hosting companies uses virtualization software to run several sites on the same physical server. It means your website will be technically placed on shared server, but virtualization software is in place to offer the taste of a dedicated server. You will also have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so you can tweak, customize and install almost any software according to your personal needs.

WooCommerce Dedicated Hosting Server

WooCommerce Dedicated hosting isn’t the best suit for the store sells or showcases the minimal amount of products. The dedicated WooCommerce hosting packages are best for the large and enterprise level of eCommerce websites that requires exceptionally high computation power and resources like Amazon, Alibaba, eBay and more.

When you use dedicated hosting for your small or medium WooCommerce store that traffic level doesn’t exceed 1 lac per month, it cost you the extra hassle. Either you have to hire someone to manage your dedicated WooCommerce hosting server for you, or you’ve to be aware all server fixes and security entirely.

Though dedicated server ships with an opportunity to allow using the complete hardware resources that a hosting company offer, you face a bunch of trouble and disadvantages. The biggest problem with them is the hardware failure. So, go with this plan if you have someone to manage it for you.

Final Steps To Choose Best WooCommerce Hosting Company?

After defining your personal need and aware of technical aspects WooCommerce hosting plans, it’s time to select hosting provider, right?

But wait. Still, you have to consider some technical points before going to choose hosting provider finally. As best WooCommerce hosting plays a significant role in retaining best-performing speed and keep your site available for clients so that they can smoothly purchase from your site, I haven’t imposed the name of hosting provider directly for your online shop.

If you are ready to buy hosting for your WordPress WooCommerce store, just read the following specification once. And try to match the following checklist before taking a final decision.

Reliable and Experienced Company

In business, reliability is the key. Business is run in an interrelated reliable ecosystem. In today’s WordPress industry, you find a lot hosting provider with eye-popping offers, but don’t get trapped. Find out first, how much experience does the hosting provider have? What is their business standing? For the reliability, you can consult with friend and colleague for the quality assurance.

24/7 Customer support:

When it comes to selling online, you have to keep your site accessible to clients around the clock, right?

As money making site are prone to hack by hackers, So, what happens if your site is hacked or shut down for an unexpected issue. To save your customer being bounced and losing money, you must expect to bring the site live in the quickest possible time.

For this reason, you have to be assured and check support quality of your preferred WooCommerce WordPress hosting. So, make sure the hosting provider you’re going select they provide 24/7 chat support, phone call support and quick response ticket support.

Zero Downtime

Every website owner wants his website runs endlessly; even no one wants to tolerate single minute downtime. The reason is pretty obvious, a couple of seconds downtime can hamper million dollars revenue in year end. So, before taking your final decision, read the statistic of their uptime and then take a decision.

Full support of WordPress & WooCommerce Specification:

According to WordPress codex, they recommend Apache or Nginx as the most robust and featureful server for running WordPress, but any server that supports PHP version 5.6 or greater and MySQL version 5.6 or higher will do. So check out carefully. The server you’re going to select can support the WordPress full specification.

Instant Adaptation of New Technology:

The server is the place where you all valuable data are housed. Managed WordPress hosting provider continuous moderate your server for expected accidents and apply security patches continuously. The consequence of keeping bird eye view of WordPress web servers, they adopt new technology. Latest technologies come with significant advantages. Technology is updating every day, so, check out how fast they choose new technology.


The company you are going to select should have a dcent number of client base. The customer base itself a testimony that the company is doing great in their service. It means the more customer they serve, the more reliable they are. So, go for such a WordPress WooCommerce hosting that server a significant number of clients. If it is possible for you, you can talk with the existing users of the WordPress hosting providers, how much service they are enjoying.

Service Level Agreement:

SLA is an agreement paper of deal. Though it doesn’t pay any role in service, help you out from future deprivation.

List of Best WooCommerce Hosting Providers

Today’s market is pretty competitive, about every hosting company try to grab your attention tactfully. But the situation became more ambiguous when you are not given the quality service as they promised before signing the agreement. We have been in web development since 2007 and worked with many of potential clients.

Based on the clients preference and endorsement of WooCommerce developer community, I’ve shortlisted some of the reliable WordPress managed woocommerce hosting providers, here you go.

WP Engine – Recommended For Enterprise/Large/Super Stores


WP Engine is one of most famous and awesome WordPress specialized hosting company that you can pick for your WooCommerce Store. The WordPress hosting company provides the managed hosting plan that means you don’t need to pay any heed for your server management and its security. WP Engine has appointed 250+ kinds of stuff to provide you elegant support and the service you deserve. Their client base is huge. They have 50,000+ customers over the 120+ countries.

WPEngine is the first web hosting company who first coins the term “Managed” hosting into hosting industry. As the company first launched the concept of managed hosting, it pops out to be one of the most simplest and robust hosting service providers that allow any of WordPress powered WooCommerce owner having no experience of hosting management to run an excellent store website without worrying about any technical issues.

The pricing of this hosting plan sounds a bit expensive, but the hosting provider performs plenty of heavy lifting job to keep your WooCommerce store smoothly alive. WP Engine runs regular malware scans and taking daily backup. It covers all core and fundamental necessity to run eCommerce website smoothly. On top of that, as a WP Engine users, you get features like on-click restoration and option to enable CDN technology to load your site content quickly. Even you can easily integrate firewall and enhance security. Needless to says websites hosted in such kind of hosting comes with SSL enabled by default.


If you’re concerned to be rest assured about hack-proof feature of this hosting, well, as the WPEngine is the award-winning and specialized WordPress hosting provider, its experienced technical teams always look out and keep monitoring WordPress WoCommerce system and let you informed with ins and out details of site security. In fact, WPEngine has gained the popularity to be one of the safest and secured WordPress hosting provider in quickest span time.

WPEngine is the first choice of WordPress geeks because they develop EverCache. The EverCach keeps track of how much your website is expanding and scaling to take immediate steps for further scalability. So, this technology is helpful when your site in under staggering traffic spikes, it bears the load and performs all measures for traffic peak.

On top of that, As your site grows, you can upgrade hosting plan anytime. WPEngine offers various hosting plan along with the traffic limited.

If you are earning revenue and confidence enough that your traffic will boot, it’s a good idea on investing WPEngine. The starting pricing is affordable starts from $29/month. All pricing plan of WPEngine covers the 60-day refund policy. It means when you figure out the hosting is not matching perfectly, you can get money back without any type of negotiation.

When you run a website, it’s naturally you may get suddenly high traffic. Though mediocre hosting company pushes the site down in this situation, WPEngine tackles your sudden traffic raise without charging you extra and upgrading your plan.

As demographic location matters to make a site speedy, WPEngine WooCommerce web hosting has a data center established worldwide including America, London, Tokio and more. If you’ve maximum traffic from the indented demographic location, WPEngine would your best match.

Have a look on the highlighted key features that you will get after choosing WPEngine as your WooCommerce hosting server.

  • Friendly 24/7 technical support. WPEngine WordPress experts and professionals tackle the technical issues.
  • Run daily basis backup of all critical applications
  • Powerful Firewall to secure your data from potential threats.
  • Scan malware to detect and clean up all malware from the WooCommrce store system.
  • EverCach: Implement self-developed caching technology for massive scalability and speed.
  • SSL Packed: WPEngine enables SSL certificate on all site hosted on their server.
  • CND Enabled: To maintain the super fast loading time, WPEngine deliver data using CDN technology
  • Provide Speed and per page performance report.

Price: Price ranges from $29/month to 3200/month.


Bluehost – Recommended For Medium Stores

Bluehost is one of the most prominent WooCommerce hosting providers in the industry. It offers efficiently balanced price and feature while assuring a solid WooCommerce hosting server. Making a research on the growing and dynamic needs of WooCommerce shop owners, the US based more than a decades of experienced hosting company threw plenty of options into the mix which will definitely delight the professional users seamlessly.

To keep you a year long tension free from all type of hosting headache, BlueHost only offers year to year hosting plan. Based on your budget and other given facilities you subscribe for annual WooCommerce hosting plan which comes at an attractive starting price $11.95 per month. If you have a handsome budget and want to have more facilities like 2 SpamExperts, total site backup facility, and single domain privacy, you can go for the costlier plan that comes with a $21.95/month price tag.

SpamExperts offers advanced filtering algorithms and spam pattern detection to eliminate 99.98% of all inbound, unsolicited bulk email. Save time, remove wasted disk space and save your hosting service from junk email and email threats.


If you want to go for Linux based VPS WooCommerce hosting solution, Bluehost has created a four-tier based hosting plan for you. The price ranges from $29.99/month to about $119.9/month. With VPS plans, you’ll get up to 240GB of storage, 8GB of RAM and 4TB monthly data transfer facility.


Bluehost is also best for dedicated WooCommerce server. If you’ve planning to run enterprise level of the online store, subscribe to VPS plans. Its pricing starts $145 which ships with Linux-based operating system, 1TB hard drive, 16GB RAM and 15TB data transfer allowance for each month.


Bluehost is also renowned in the industry for dedicated WooAnother keen features is that there is no requirement to install WordPress CMS and WooCommerce toolkit as these are already installed. Just you need to login into your server and start deploying your WooCommerce store products.

The starter hosting plan comes with 100 GB space, unlimited bandwidth, 100MB per email account storage. The higher tiers come with unlimited hard drive and email storage. Setting up email accounts is easy in such type of managed WooCommerce hosting plan. Just you need get into hosting control panel and complete the sign-up process. After completing singup, you can create unlimited emails accounts.

If you have extra budget, I’ll recommend you to go for pro pricing plan. With the budget pricing, you get impressive security features, antispam tools like Apache Spam Assassin, Spam Experts and Spam Hammers for the strongest shield of protection. Simultaneously, Pro accounts allow enabling filters for email accounts for your email accounts and different uses and multiple passwords protected directories. IP blacklisting is another useful feature of Bluehost hosting. You’re also able to manage private keys and digital certificates. The best of it, you can connect your server using SSH access which gives the flexibility to control your server like the pro.

BlueHost hosting server is optimized speed and high performance. So, its caching system is controlled by CloudFlare.

As speed site stops bounce rate and brings maximum conversion, 100% up-time assurance is an important feature. If you’re still reading this description for picking BlueHost for your WooCommerce store, you can rest assured the hosting never let your eCommerce store go down for a second. BlueHost maintains one of the best uptime in contrast to the rest enlisted hosting services.

BlueHost WooCommerce Hosting plans are best elegent customer support. You can get support 24/7 via telephone and texting. Though it has extensive documentation created to guide you step by step to help you get your problem and issue, Customer support agents are always there to promptly reply to your queries, Don’t believe, test it now. Above of everything, Bluehost offers 30-day money back guarantee provided if you are dissatisfied.

So, what are you waiting for? Bluehost has been in hosting business since 2003 and powering more 2 million websites. If you’re looking for the best hosting solution for your WooCommerce powered site, then try BlueHost. I bet, it’ll impress you.


Have a look on the highlighted key features that you will get after choosing BlueHost as your WooCommerce hosting server.

  • Top notch Store security,
  • Unlimited Bandwidth,
  • Unlimited Hosting Space,
  • Unlimited Email accounts & storage
  • Dedicated IP,
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Free Domain
  • Unlimited Backup & Spam filtering.

Price: starts out as cheap as $11.95 and increase in accordance with you demand.

SiteGround – Recomended For Small Stores


Siteground another experienced and professional WooCommerce hosting provider. The company has may of hosting plans including WooCommerce shared web hosting, WooCommerce Cloud web hosting, and WooCommerce dedicated servers. All the WooCommerce hosting plans are available at affordable prices. The company was established back in 2004 and server over the half of a million domain since they are in business.

SiteGround adopts the latest technology quickly. The company uses the most current and WooCommerce compatible version of PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx CentOS and interactive cPanel. It means when you host your website in the SiteGround server; you get an individual application to optmize your server speed, monitoring site performance and reaction and more. As the best WooCommerce hosting company sells the server under 1H brand and power server on Linux based operating system, you don’t need to worry about site security and privacy.

Besides providing powerful WooCommerce hosting server, Siteground provides free WordPress & WooCommrce update, assure advanced security with the anti-hack system, take regular content backup and, enable robust caching, SuperCacher and CDN. After the WPEngine, SiteGround is the prominent name for as WooCommerce hosting provider in the market.

SiteGround guys provide extensive customer support. They squash all the tickets within 24 hours via 24/7 chat and phone support. Though site comes default implemented caching and CDN technology, it provides access to CloudFlare to enabled personalized settings for the content delivery network. If you highly care about the hardware that your hosting company uses, Siteground offers SSD hard drive.

Providing the cutting-edge technologies, Siteground offers the cheapest price tag. The price starts from $3.95 per month comes with 30 days money back guarantee. The pricing is chunked into a couple of packages StartUp Packages, GrowBig, and GoGeek.


The Startup package has designed for the single website comes with 10 GB storage that allows 10K visit for each month. The startup page is the perfect for those who are trying to experiment with their WooCommerce store. If you have more than 10K visitors, you can go for GrowBig product. GrowBig is best for small and medium WooCommerce store. Finally, want to be away from all limitation, you can go for GoGreek.

SiteGround WooCommerce hosting is the recommendation of and famous for distributed data center whole round the WordPress world including United States of America, Netherland, UK, Singapore and more.


Have a look on the highlighted key features that you will get after choosing SiteGround as your WooCommerce hosting server.

  • Onclick WordPress Installer and Launcher
  • WP-CLI Enabled for command line managing WooCommerce website from a command line.
  • WordPress Stagging to test and deploy website changes (Stagging facility available on GoGeek package)
  • Auto update WordPress Version
  • Enable SuperCacher to control your website caching.
  • Installed Git to create Git repo (Available in GoGeek and higher package)
  • Auto Updates: Whenever a new WP version comes out, you will get it instantly.

Pricing: The pricing packages start from $3.95/month to 14.95/month

SIGN UP FOR SiteGround

WPLand – Recommended For Starter/Small Stores

WP.Land another WordPress and WooCommerce specialized hosting service, can host any size of WooCommerce store seamlessly. As WP.Land provides the exclusive service for WordPress, it’s natural that the company fully focus on providing top-notch service.

WP.Land comes with 4 hosting plan to host your WooCommerce site with ease. If you want to test the performance of this hosting you can use WP FREE plan which combines with 3GB storage and elegant customer support. The rest of three plans are WP site, WP Dev, and WP pro. WP.Land provides the ultimate flexibility comparing other WooCommerce hosting provider; you can use the all the premium plan for 4 months for free.


If you want to use premium plan you can, you can choose either. But comparing with WP site and WP Dev, WP PRO provides extra services like CDN, SSL certificates and more. If you are looking for WordPress and WooCommerce, focus service with fastest loading time, WPLand would be the fantastic choice. Want to know the reason behind?

As WPland experts distribute resources and necessary fixes to optimized server personally, you get blazing fast performance with SSD hard drive built in. So, if you want to relax and want to focus on managing and growing your WooCommerce business only, choose WPLand.

They choose your domain name and setup the whole WordPress perfectly. To keep you secured and away from data lose, they take regular backup and store them for 30 days. It means if your site hacked, you can immediately restore it from backup.


Have a look on the highlighted key features that you will get after choosing WPland as your WooCommerce hosting server

Blazing fast loading time.
Quick Store Step
Top-notch security
Automated Site Backups
Easy Scalability

Pricing: Pricing start from the Free plan maximum $50/month.


HostGator – Recommended For All Type of Stores


HosGator is one of the most WooCommerce website ranks among the 10th topest hosting company in the world. The hosting company. Though the company is best Shared hosting, you can subscribe for dedicated and VPS hosting package. The WooCommerce hosting is easy to use, and scales up can easily be operated by novice webmasters with ease.

If you’re here to use Hostgator hosting server for WooCommerce powered website exclusive, they have a pricing plan designed for you. If you have just started your WooCommerce store, go for starter plan. The plan offers 1GB back, 50GB stroage, 25 per month for per website. Furthermore, When you need higher traffic and more than one websites, you can switch to the higher plans anytime. The plan are Standard Plan, Business Plan.


Hostgator also offers VPS and dedicated plan to host based on your immense needs. They have designed the monthly pricing plan offering the various affordable models. If you can closely look into the pricing tags once, I believe you can easily come with the best plan for you.

The best part of it. If you want to try before you buy their plan, you can go it for 45 days because you get 100% assurance 45 days money back grantee while dissatisfaction. Hostgator guys are serious and professional; they provide 24/7 support to squash your technical and non-technical issues swiftly.


      Have a look on the highlighted key features that you will get after choosing HostGator as your WooCommerce hosting server:

    • Unlimited & Unmetered Disk and Bandwidth space:
    • Bundled with website builder with 4500 themes.
    • Visual server managing Cpanel
    • Unlimited Email Address
    • Fantastic 24/7 client support
    • 45 days money back guarantee
    • WordPress integration
    • 99.99% uptime to keep your site live for forever.

Pricing: The pricing start from shared hosting plan at 2.78/month and the topest dedicated server at a max of $300/month.

SIGN UP FOR Hostgator

After adding hosting pricing individually, I’ve tried to sketch the all pricing table together to depict the better comparison. Here you go.


Inspire of everything. If you think, You should talk to me before taking a final decision. You can reach me anytime. Just send me the following details attaching with your email.

  • Total estimation of your daily traffic level.
  • Store product details
  • How many products will you host?
  • How much media-rich content does your each product contains?
  • Your technical knowledge about managing a server.
  • Total budget for WooCommerce hosting

SGet Free Hosting Consultancy

Bottom Line:

I’ve have tried my best to list the best and renowned WooCmmerce hosting companies here. But they may not work for your turn if you randomly select hosting. Further, hosting pricing tag and service policies may change any time, make sure every time your should go through the pricing tag and service details at least once.

If I’ve missed the key points that help to choose best WooCommerce hosting, feel free to let me know by commenting below. I’ll add them to the list if it’s worth adding.